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Vikas Gupta’s reaction on conflict with Shehnaz Gill

For several days, reports of the estrangement of Vikas Gupta and Shehnaz Gill are viral. But how much truth is there in these discussions has finally been revealed by the mastermind Vikas Gupta. He has posted a cute photo with Shehnaz on Insta.

Vikas Gupta has written a long wide caption with the picture. He wrote – By posting this last good picture I had of us I hereby announce that all is well between #shehnaazgill & I 😝but we arnt meeting and are not going to meet also it’s a Lockdown 😊 मेरा मन में Follow करो या ना I know where our happiness lies So please Aap Sab #KSK and also Apni #TGPHR #JaiMataDi #bhuladunga is breaking records 🔥 #Sidnaaz #Classof2020 is killing it #Vikasgupta #sidharthshukla #Shehnaazgill #Biggboss13 now in #quarantine along with the Rest if the world . #KsK is Kaam Se Kaam & #TGPHR is Tashreef means bum , Ass Ghar Par Hi Rakho.

Now it is clear from Vikas Gupta’s post that he has no problem with Shehnaz. This whole controversy started when it was said that Shehnaz Gill has unfollowed his friend Vikas Gupta on Insta after getting angry with something. However, Shehnaz’s displeasure was also revealed recently.

Was this the reason for Shehnaz’s displeasure?

It was said that Vikas is going to cast Siddharth Shukla in one of his web series. When Shehnaz came to know about this, she demanded a favor from Vikas Gupta. Shehnaz asked Vikas to cast her in a web series with Siddharth. But Vikas did not agree to this. Shahnaz Gill was upset by this. Now they can disclose how much truth is there in this news.

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