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Shehnaz Gill ugly FIGHT with Mujhse Shaadi Karoge Contestent Mayank Agnihotri

The reality show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge is a fierce drama. Contestant Mayank Agnihotri, who came to impress Shahnaz Gill, has angered Katrina Kaif of Punjab. Mayank has accused Shehnaz of being biased.

Shahnaz Gill gets angry at the contestant, know why?

In the upcoming episode, Mayank Agnihotri and Shahnaz Gill will be fiercely debated. Mayank clearly told Shahnaz that he did not like her. Shehnaz took Mayank’s class and instructed them that there is no need to do contraverses in this show. This promo video, full of Tu-Tu Main-Main, which took place between Mayank and Shehnaaz, is becoming very viral.

Shahnaz said to Mayank – Stay here with respect for as long as possible or get lost. Do not reverse over here. You have come to this show. Whatever you have come here for, they are not even doing. Shahnaz warned Mayank to be respectful.

Mayank, while giving an unambiguous answer to Shahnaz’s words, said- I am not doing any controversy. This is my attitude I do not like you It is known that before Mayank had refused to go on a date with Shehnaaz, to do make-up and dress like girls. Even then, there was a tussle between Shahnaz and Mayank.

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