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Paras fans troll Mahhi Vij, then actress reprimanded

Recently, TV star Jai Bhanushali told Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma to distribute packets of food to the needy as a publicity stunt. But Paras and Mahira’s fans did not like this saying. The trollers called Jai and Mahhi very bad on Twitter. Many users even abused them. Now Mahhi Vij has also broken her silence on this behavior of users.

Mahhi Vij also lambasted the users for this behavior of trollers. She tweeted and said- ‘Yes celebs can also abuse you if you abuse my mother or my child. I will also abuse you because I am no god. What did you think you would get after abusing me so vile? ‘ She further explained the trollers in their language. Mahhi also wrote- ‘Loosers we don’t even know what Paras was doing there, so it would be good if you keep your mouth shut. thank you for telling.’

There was some debate between Paras Chhabra and Jai Bhanushali some time ago. This fight took place during the show Mujhse Shhadi Karoge Later in their debate, Mahhi Vij came in support of her husband Jai. After her arrival, fans of Paras trolled Mahhi fiercely on social media.

Mahi has given a befitting reply to the trollers earlier also

Even after trolling about body shaming, Mahhi gave a befitting reply to the trollers. Many celebs also appeared in support of Mahhi. Talking about Jai and Mahhi, both are very active on social media. Both continue to share tik tok videos and photos of children.

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