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Paras Chhabra shares Ghost Stories of Bigg Boss House

Whether or not Bigg Boss House is haunted, it has not been revealed yet but the horror stories related to the show are very viral among the fans. Many ex contestants have claimed that the Big Boss house has supernatural power. In an episode of the reality show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, Paras Chhabra shared ghostly stories with contestants.

Sharing his experience associated with the Bigg Boss house, Paras Chhabra said- I once went to the washroom at 4.30-5 in the morning. I was there too late. Then someone knocked on the door. Then the light started burning out. The fan went off. I thought maybe a person in the production did all this. So that I come out of the washroom.

Paras further said – Then I immediately got out. I have not seen anyone outside. I am not scared. Then I came straight to my bed and slept. Paras told that on the same day, the rest of the people in the house also felt something similar. Somebody felt that someone was removing their bed sheet while sleeping. After listening to these things of Paras, the senses of the other contestants present there were blown away.

Big reveal of Vishal Aditya Singh

After leaving Bigg Boss, Vishal Aditya Singh also claimed to have the Bigg Boss house. In an interview, Vishal said- “There were scary incidents in the house.” One day something scary happened to me and it happened too much. I am from village I know that supernatural things exist. I have seen many such things. There was definitely something in the house that day. Not only me, Paras Chhabra, Siddharth Shukla, Aarti Singh, Madhurima Tuli, Asim Riaz and Rashmi Desai also felt the same.

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