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Corona Virus: The Kapil Sharma Show from home without live audience

Comedian Kapil Sharma has found an idea to entertain his public in lockdown. Now he is going to shoot his comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show from home. Due to Corona virus, there is a lockdown across the country, due to which the film and TV industry is also locked. In such a situation, Kapil has decided to shoot new episodes from home.

According to the news, the producers of the show are planning to resume the show without a live audience. It may be that Kapil Sharma shoots new episodes in his home.

Well, it is also possible because Corona’s havoc has caused big US show talk hosts such as Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimal and Alan DeGeneres to shoot the show without an audience. Even those people are recording their episodes from their home. Kapil can also try this way to defeat Corona.

Kapil considers lockdown as a blessing

Some time ago Kapil Sharma said that this lockdown is like a blessing for him. Because of this, he is getting to spend a lot of quality time with his family. He is also getting to play with his daughter Anayara.

In an interview, Kapil said, ‘I told Ginni to take the lockdown as a blessing, because of this we will get to workout properly. But now it has been 14 days and I have not worked out for a single day. I play and eat with Baby all day. However, I have decided that I will go back to my routine. My birthday resolution was that I have to workout seriously every day.

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