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Arti Singh reduced 5 kg weight in 1 month, flaunted ABS by sharing photo

TV actress Arti Singh has reduced her weight by 5 kg in one month by continuing her workouts amid lockdown. Arti has shared before and after photos on Insta. Arti’s ABS are seen in the latest photo.

Arti Singh shares her fitness story

Sharing this photo, Arti Singh wrote – Hello Abs … Now I am able to see you little by little. I took the first photo of this photo collage on March 15 and the second one today (March 13). I know this is not the best but slowly I will reach my goal. I have lost 5 kg since March 15.

Arti Singh further wrote – and it is not that any stones have been broken by losing weight. I do 50 minutes of yoga and 40 minutes of brisk walk every other day. The biggest battle between all these exercises is by night craving. Every night I get stressed due to being bored. Everyone knows I am foodie. That’s why my 8 kg weight increased in Big Boss.

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Hey Abbie..(abs ) Finally now I can see you little little… you are surely on the way and coming very very soon! Till then for everyone here’s the first photo which was taken on the 15th of march and the other one was today..! I just want to say that I know it's not the best but slowly and steadily I will get there soon. I have shed 5 kgs from the 15th of march till now. Aur aisa nahi hai ki koi pathhar tode! I am into 50 minutes of yoga and 40 minutes of brisk walking every alternate day. And definitely the biggest fight between all the exercises has been the late night cravings. Every night I feel like hogging maybe because of the boredom and also the stressful situation right now. And as you all might know, I am an emotional eater and that's why I had put on 8 kgs inside the big boss house. Like everyone one I also have #CheatDay and you all won’t believe that on my birthday I ate so much, including chinese food that I was craving for. I dont kill myself by not eating what I want, so I do hog once a week. I actually salute people who are consistent with their diet! I wish I was like that but nevertheless I'm still getting there slowly. Thoda jyada time lagega… maybe one month more then all the people who are disciplined, but well that's me and that’s fine. This is the time where you can actually try to improve yourself physically and mentally as well as also emotionally! Because zindagi ki daud se thoda aaram milega kuch logon ko isse!#MyFitnessStory

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This fitness story of Arti is getting a lot of support from her fans. Arti says that this is the time where you can improve yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Because some people will get some rest from the race of life. Let us tell you that, after four and a half months stay in the house of Bigg Boss, now she is imprisoned in her house due to lockdown.

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