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Shooter Punjabi Full Movie leaked online before its release

Another bad news is coming for the makers of Punjabi movie ‘Shooter’ who have been in the discussion for quite some time. The movie was scheduled to be released across the world on 21 February but immediately before the release Punjab Govt banned the movie. Due to this the film was not released on 21 February. After which the makers moved the court, but the court also left the final decision on the Punjab Government.

But now a bad news is coming for the film. The Shooter movie has leaked online before its release. Many pirated websites have uploaded the movie. Download link of shooter movie is also being sent on Telegram. Whose loss is going to happen to the makers of the film. Because a few days ago the makers informed that the movie will be released in theaters after the corona virus issue sorted.

The shooter movie is based on Punjab’s gangster Sukha Kahlwan. This film shows the story of Sukha Kahlwan’s life, how Sukha became a gangster. Jayy Randhawa can be seen in the role of Sukha in the film, while Manna Mand plays Vicky Gonder in this movie. and the movie’s poster shows Jayy in the same attire as that of the slain gangster.

The movie’s trailer has already received about 10 Million views on the YouTube channel, while its song “Shoot da Order” has also crossed record 36 million views.

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