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Gursewak Mann as a pilot performing his service, delivering services worldwide to the needy

The ‘Corona Virus’ has caused havoc around the world. Across the world, the pace has dropped, but there are many people who are keeping their services at the bottom of this difficult time, whether it be police or doctors, nurses, cleaning staff and other welfare organizations. In such a situation where everything is closed and the pilots are also performing their service from one country to another. Punjabi singer Gursewak Mann is also performing his services in this pandemic.

Singer Harbhajan Mann recently posted a sentimental post for his brother on his Instagram account. Sharing this post, Harbhajan Mann wrote in the caption, “Through these trying times, along with all essential care & needs workers doing amazing and honourable work, I’m proud of my dear brother Gursewak Mann, who is the captain flying and transporting goods around the world from & to Canada, currently in Shanghai, China.🙏🏻”

Harbhajan Mann’s brother Gursewak Mann is a singer as well as a commercial pilot. Gursewak Mann has given many cultural songs to the Punjabi music industry. The songs of both brothers are well-liked by the Punjabis living in the country and abroad.

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