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Gippy Grewal, emotional prayer on Vaisakhi occasion

Everyone has been imprisoned in their home during ‘lock down’ caused by the Corona virus. It is also important that everyone lives at home to cope with the epidemic. So people are celebrating the holy festival of Vaisakhi by staying in their homes. Punjabi film industry’s rock star Gippy Grewal posted a video on his Instagram account a few hours ago, in which he is expressing his feelings. In this video, Gippy Grewal said, “How do I woo you God, I do not understand. For the first time on Vaisakhi, I am not coming to your house. Let us pray for the good of all, by apologizing to God for all the mistakes. ”

Many others like Gippy Grewal could not bow down to Gurdwara Sahib this time on Vaisakhi day but on this day we should all stay in our homes and pray for the good of All. And the epidemic like Corona will end in this world.

It is worth mentioning that Gippy Grewal is constantly raising awareness of the Corona virus and also helping those in need because of their efforts. In addition, they are appealing to people to be safe. Recently, a song by Gippy Grewal was released in which he spoke of nature and humanity. In this video, they try to convey a message from nature to humans that we should all be even more responsible and grateful to nature. In addition, this video describes wild animals, birds and trees due to human pollution.

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