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Singer Kalie Shorr found corona positive

In the US, the corona virus has spread quite rapidly in the recent past. Many legendary stars have come in the grip of this virus and some have even died due to this virus. Recently, news of American singer Joey Diffie’s death from Corona came out. The number of people infected with Corona is increasing rapidly all over the world. Now American singer Kalie Shorr has also been infected with the corona virus. They have shared this information through social media.

Singer said while talking about this on Twitter- I was a quarantine for the last 3 weeks and must have come out once or twice just to get some items from the groceries, but even then I have been hit by the corona virus. At the moment I feel better than ever, but I have already found evidence of how dangerous this virus is. It is quite frustrating to see that despite all this, people are not taking this disease seriously.

Talking about her health, she said- The first few days were very difficult for me. I have never felt like this before in my entire life. My whole body was in pain and my fever was also very high. I have completely forgotten to smelle anything and do the test.

Tom Hanks also infected with Corona virus

Before that, Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks was also found infected with Corona virus before Kalie. Apart from them, stars like Rita Wilson, Idris Elba have also been infected with Corona. According to the World Health Organization, more than 7 lakh people have been infected by Corona till now.

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