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Selena Gomez spends $5 million to acquire Tom Petty’s Los Angeles home

Pop star Selena Gomez has purchased the Encino, Calif. mansion previously owned by Tom Petty. Selena Gomez does not like the classics of Tom Petty.

The singer also appreciates her taste in architecture. The 27-year-old star has just spent $4.9 million to acquire the former home of the “Free Fallin” singer.

The house of more than 1,000 square meters was custom built by the rocker and his wife, Jane Benyo, in 1989, according to the wishes of the musician, although it has been recently renovated with modern finishes while maintaining the style basic. To sum up, let’s say that it recalls a modern and spacious cottage with a Californian beach house decoration.

Now that the vast house belongs to the interpreter of “Rare”, she will surely bring her personal touch to the decor and has all the space it takes to do what she wants. There are indeed six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, not to mention all kinds of rooms that she can use as she sees fit.

Among the elements that probably attracted Selena, there is the recording studio, a must for any musician. And when she’s not working on her next hit, the former Disney star can take advantage of the cellar, gym, massage room, work space, and additional kitchen on the lower level.

It is rumored that Tom Petty also had secret rooms and passageways built when he and his wife built the house. And if Selena wants to enjoy the garden, she has an additional 2,000 square meters.

This new home is much more comfortable than his Studio City home, purchased for $2.25 million in 2017. If the pavilion served him well for three years, the new property is about 650 meters square more spacious and has many more amenities, which gives him more possibilities to flourish.

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