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Justin Timberlake recounts his confinement with Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake has accomplished a lot, but being a 24-hour parent is a whole new challenge.

With social distancing being the watchword around the world, the Grammy-winning star and his longtime wife, Golden Globes nominee Jessica Biel, confined themselves to their Montana home with their son Silas.

“To be honest, we figured the best way to help, for us, was … we have a house in Montana and so we came here,” he shared in an interview. on Hits1 of SiriusXM.

“We feel very lucky and rather blessed with … we are in a place where … people are already rather socially distant here, where we have our house, anyway, and therefore, it is always nice to be able to go out in his own driveway and go for a short hike, “said the famous artist.

As for Biel and him: “We’re fine, it’s fine,” he replied to a co-presenter annoyed by her own husband during his forties.

However, like all parents everywhere, they juggle being a father and mother all day, every day.

“We especially sympathize because being a parent 24 hours a day is not human,” he joked.

In fact, Justin’s son is even fed up with mom and dad.

“He has that look … I tell him,” OK, cool, we’re taking a [pause]. Okay, I understand. “”

But the family nevertheless had a lot of fun when their son turned 5 on Wednesday.

As Biel shared on social networks: “This little guy is 5 years old today! We’re at home, we’re drowning in Legos and the birthday cake.” Now that seems like a perfect 5th anniversary!

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