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Famous filmmaker Nobuhiko Obayashi and actor Timmy Brown dead

Japan’s famous filmmaker Nobuhiko Obayashi died Friday due to lung cancer amid Corona infection. He was 82. In addition to Nobuhiko Obayashi, professional American footballer and actor Timmy Brown, who starred in ‘Neshville’, has also died at the age of 82.
Talk about Nobuhiko, he worked in about 3,000 TV commercials. He started his career in 1977 with a horror fantasy film ‘House‘. Which was highly appreciated.

According to Variety, Obayashi was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in August 2016. According to doctors he had only three months. But despite this, he did not stop working.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Timmy Brown died on April 4 due to brain illness. His son Sean Brown confirmed the news. Along with the fans, Hollywood stars are also paying tribute to the social media on the death of the actor. Brown used the name “Timothy Brown” as an actor, making it easier for fans to recognize him. Brown’s acting career began only when he was an active player. He made a guest appearance in season 3 of ‘The Wild Wild West’.

Apart from these two actors, these days many veteran actors have been killed due to CoronaVirus infection.

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