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Corona’s havoc at Cannes Film Festival, organizer says – “Difficult to hold this year in original”

The Corona Virus (Covid 19) has brought the world to a standstill and has had a tremendous impact on the film industry. But on 14 April a news came which is really shocking for the world of cinema. In view of the growing threat of Corona virus, the organizers of Cannes Film Festival 2020 said that this year the festival will not be held in its true form. It is noteworthy that 40,000 people were expected to attend this ceremony. But now the most prestigious and biggest festival of this film world will no longer be celebrated in the same way as it was imagined.

The organizers also said that they are exploring new ways of organizing the Cannes Film Festival. Normally this film festival takes place in the middle of May but this year its date was extended first in late June and then in early July. Nonetheless, the organizers say they no longer have a choice after President Emmanuel Macron says that cultural ceremonies cannot be held before mid-July. In a statement, the organizers said, “It is difficult to predict that this year ‘Cannes Film Festival’ will be organized in its true form.” He said that he would consider all emergency measures to organize the Cannes 2020 Have been.

Dursal, France banned the gathering of more than 1000 people on 8 March. Since then, there were speculations about the 73rd Cannes Film Festival being postponed. Later it was postponed, but now it has also been said that perhaps it will not be what it is its actual form.

What is Cannes Film Festival

It is said about the Cannes Film Festival that it had not been postponed till today, starting in the year 1939. It is considered one of the most respected film festivals in the world. The ‘Festival De Cannes’, to be held in the city of Cannes, France in the month of May every year, can be called the Mahakumbh of films. The film of top directors from around the world is displayed in it. Film stars from every corner of the world arrive in this Maha Kumbh and their red carpet look becomes a topic of discussion every year.

Why Cannes Film Festival discussed so much?

The main reason for discussion of Cannes Film Festival is the competition held at this film festival. In this festival, one of the selected films is given the award named Palme d’Or. The award is considered equivalent to the film world Oscar. Although no cash is received directly by the winner of this award, but after this award, the film gets buyers and distributors worldwide.
Last year, apart from Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Mallika Sherawat, TV star Hina Khan attended the event. In the earlier years, Aishwarya Rai has made headlines many times for Cannes look.

Indian films arriving at Cannes Film Festival

Indian films that reached the Cannes Film Festival were ‘Neecha Nagar (1946)’, ‘Awara (1951)’, ‘Do Bigha Zameen (1954)’, ‘Panther Panchali (1955)’, ‘Guide (1965)’, ‘Dismissed’ (1982) ‘,’ Salaam Bombay (1988) ‘,’ Piravi (1988) ‘,’ Devdas (2002) ‘,’ Udaan (2010) ‘, Ganges of Wasseypur (2012),’ Miss Lovely (2012) ‘,’ The Lunchbox (2013) ‘,’ Bombay Talkies (2013) ‘,’ Monsoon Shootout (2013) ‘,’ Titli (2014) ‘,’ Masan (2015) ‘,’ Raman Raghav (2016) ‘,’ Manto (2018) ‘Is included.

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