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Angelina Jolie urges for the protection of vulnerable children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Children may be less sensitive to coronavirus, but they are not safe.

As COVID-19 continues to affect millions of families around the world, Angelina Jolie speaks out and reminds the world that we need to take care of children in need, especially at this time.

“If the pandemic makes us rethink humanity in many ways, none is more important, or urgent, than protecting children,” the star wrote in an article for Time . “They may not be as susceptible to the virus as other groups, but they are very vulnerable to many of the consequences of the pandemic on society.”

According to the actress, confinement could “lead to increased trauma and suffering in vulnerable children”. The reason ? They cannot escape stress at home or even family violence.

“It happens when children are deprived of the support networks that help them: from their loyal friends to teachers, via extracurricular sports activities and visits to relatives who provide them with an escape from their abusive environment”, a she added in her gallery. “COVID-19 separated children from their friends, from their school and from their freedom of movement.”

And if we talk a lot about the fact that children no longer go to school – even Angelina’s son can no longer go to college – the actress asks the readers of the American magazine a question:

“What are we doing to protect vulnerable children so that they do not suffer during confinement, which may affect them for the rest of their lives?”

To start, Angelina recommends calling her family or friends especially when “there is a risk of vulnerability”. Anyone can find out about signs of stress and family violence.

There are also many organizations including The Child Helpline Network and The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children who are ready to help.

“It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child,” said Angelina. “Well, it will take the effort of our whole country to give children the protection and care they deserve.”

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