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Why Aamir Khan never appeared in Kapil Sharma’s show?

From small to big stars have gone on Kapil Sharma’s show. Some went for a film promotion and some to shine for themselves. Stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan have also appeared in the show many times, except Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan never appeared on Kapil’s show. Kapil tried to call Aamir Khan, but it did not work out.

Most film stars prefer to come on the show only when their film is about to release. Through this show, they reach the audience where it is not possible to reach them. The talk of his film reaches the people. The TRP of Kapil’s show also increases due to these stars. The two shine by borrowing each other’s light.

A lot of Aamir Khan’s films have been screened since Kapil’s show has been running, but Aamir never appeared in this show appealing to see his film. Actually Aamir has felt many times that his film does not need promotion so he did not go to other TV shows as well Kapil Sharma Show.

Aamir’s way of promoting is different. Every time they think of some new trick and promote accordingly. Remember how he campaigned for Ghajini, 3 Idiots or PK. He never needed the crutches of Kapil’s show to run his film.

The question arises that many times star appeared in this show even when he was not supposed to promote his film. Could Aamir also go without similar reason? But Aamir did not go. This shows what the importance of Kapil’s show is in his eyes. Sources attached to them reveal that Kapil’s show is not particularly liked by Aamir.

In this show, Kapil crosses his limits many times. Make fun of women Try to dominate the stars. Many actors have been insulted at times, but they have been going on the show at the behest of the producers. Aamir does not approve of this. So, he never went to this show.

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