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Salman Khan is helping the cine worker who get the daily wage

Salman Khan comes first when it comes to help. Due to the lockdown in the country, shooting of films has stopped and difficult situations have arisen in front of the cine workers who get the daily wage. In such a situation, many people asked the question, why is Salman Khan not helping?

The answer is that Salman Khan is helping and he has hidden this, but it has been leaked.

Salman has spoken to several associations and has said that the cine worker should be helped as much as possible. They should be given food and essential items.

Salman also said that they should not do much calculus and concentrate on providing things. Whatever expenses will be incurred, Salman will bear it.

At the same time, Salman also said that do not tell anyone that they are helping, but despite Salman’s lack of interest, it came to light.

Salman has helped many needy people and he has always been in the forefront in such works. He also has an organization called ‘Being Human’ which helps people in many ways.

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