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Lockdown: Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan accused of breaking rules

The entire India is under lockdown till May 3 due to Corona virus. Meanwhile, people are not allowed to leave the house. They can only leave when they have to buy any important stuff or take medicine etc. Now Salim Khan, father of Salman Khan, is accused of breaking this rule. Salim Khan has also given clarification on this.

Amid the lockdown, Salman Khan is in his Panvel farmhouse and is prohibiting people from leaving the house. Meanwhile, his father Salim Khan is accused of breaking the lockdown rule. A person hailing from Bandra has claimed that Salim Khan goes for a half-hour walk every morning.

The man told Pinkvilla that Salim and his friends go for a walk in Bandra. He told that at first we thought it would be a matter of one or two days, but for the last 3 weeks we have been watching them walk after every one day. He arrives at 8.30 am and stays till 9 am. The man said that if the common man is being denied to leave without any meaning, then are the stars and their families above the rules?

When Salim Khan was asked about this, he told that he has a lower back problem and doctors have advised him to take a walk. He told that he has been walking for the last 40 years, if he stops suddenly then there will be problem. He also told that he has a pass taken from the government and he is not breaking any lockdown rule.

Salim Khan also said that many people come for a walk there. Some people also bring their dogs with them. People just need a name. Some pigeons wait for me because I feed them and then comeback. He told that he cannot walk in the compound because there are too many cars and I have to feed the pigeons. I have pass and I also wear masks.

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