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Hera Pheri 20 Years: Akshay and Suniel slept on newspapers during the shooting

20 years have passed for the iconic comedy film ‘Hera Pheri‘. The film is still very much liked. Short videos of some funny parts of the movie go viral. Now actor Suniel Shetty told how the film was shot.

Speaking to IMDb, Suniel said- ‘During the shooting of the film, Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal were made to sleep on the ground. I don’t know how the film was made, it just happened. We would reach the set every morning, we would be given costumes, which were not even ironed.

Stars used to sleep on newspapers

‘The director used to tell us to sleep on paper in the afternoon, so we used to sleep in newspapers. He (Priyadarshan) said that I do not want you to be comfortable. When you get up, you may get rest, but you remain uncomfortable. We were not given any makeup. Akshay Kumar, me and Paresh ji were constantly together, constantly repeating our lines, constantly improving.

Apart from this, Suniel said, “This was a film in which action heroes were doing comedy and being controlled by someone like Babu Bhaiya, so the audience would find it very entertaining.”

In Hera Pheri, Akshay played the roles of Raju, Suniel as Shyam and Paresh as Babu Bhaiya. Raju and Suniel lived in Babu Bhaiya’s house on rent. The three together make a plan to earn money soon. There is a lot of laughter and big bang in the film. The movie was well liked.

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