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Deepika Padukone started battle against Corona Virus

Corona virus is being feared all over the world. Big celebrities are warning people from their level to avoid this deadly virus. Now the name of Deepika Padukone has also been included in this series. The actress has been selected by the World Health Organization to make people aware about cleanliness. Deepika Padukone has shared a video and has also tagged other big celebrities in it.

Actually Deepika Padukone has been chosen to spread the WHO director’s Safe Hand Challenge to the people. Deepika has shared a video in which she is seen cleaning hands under the Safe Hand Challenge. She is wearing a bathrobe and also wearing a mask. Along with the video, she has also tagged Cristeno Ronaldo, Virat Kohli and Roger Federer to be a part of this challenge.

Along with the video, she wrote in the caption – Thank you Doctor Tedrose for including me in the Safe Hands Challenge. Of course, this task is very important to protect people. We are all in this fight together. I am also nominating Roger Federer, Cristeno Ronaldo and Virat Kohli for this challenge.

Priyanka Chopra has also been included

Let us know that not only Deepika but Priyanka Chopra, Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger and American model Christy Turlington were also selected for this challenge. By the way, it is a matter of concern that slowly the corona virus is seen spreading in all countries. Even though it is not spreading faster than many countries in India, still there is a dire need to be cautious.

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