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Actor Vipin Sharma, breaks down over Irrfan’s last meeting

It has been nearly 20 days for Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan said goodbye to this world. When he went, the whole country had become inconsolable. But even after 20 days when their discussion is arising, tears are coming in their eyes. Actor Vipin Sharma, who was very close to Irrfan Khan, is also among those whose eyes still turn moist when Irrfan Khan is discussed.

Actually, the web series ‘Patal Lok’ is being fiercely discussed these days. In this episode, actor Vipin Sharma, who played an important role in ‘Patal Lok’, came on Instagram Live of News18 Hindi. Here he gave his opinion on life, web series, industry acting including Corona and other issues. When Irrfan was mentioned in Insta Live, the actor became emotional while stating his bonding with him.


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Vipin Sharma said, ‘Irfan and I are friends of the hostel time. Both of us always talked about acting. I think he has not gone, he is somewhere around here. He often used to ask me about books related to acting. I am fortunate that I got a chance when I had a chance to meet him even during his treatment.

Talking about the battle of Irfan during cancer, Vipin said, ‘The last image that will be on my mind. When I went to the hospital, he was not in the room. There was an empty room, water bottle was kept. I still feel that I wish I had a picture of him. Rumi book was placed on his table. Seeing me …… (got emotional). I loved seeing this.

Vipin also said during this time that Irfan was very positive even in the last moments. It is noteworthy that Irfan died in Mumbai on April 29 after fighting cancer for almost two years. Two days before that, his mother also died. His mother lived in his ancestral home in Jaipur. Due to the lockdown, he could not reach the last visit after his mother’s death.

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